Rico Meinl

I'm interested in biotech, longevity, machine learning and the decentralized web

I have a Computer Science background, specialised in Machine Learning and Computer Vision.

I previously co-founded a fashion-tech startup (Dresswell) where we built a phone body measurement system (1.5-3mm inaccuracy) using ML and Computer Vision (lessons learned here).

Most recently I participated in the Entrepreneur First cohort in London where I worked on scientific search, semantic podcast search, and a small chrome extension.

I’ve been active in the ML community for the past 3 years and founded Meetup.ai in Hamburg and Berlin which I grew into two of Germany’s biggest AI Meetups with over 2000 and 3000 members respectively.

Some books I liked: https://ricomeinl.com/books/

Some of my better writings:

Twitter: @rmeinl
Github: @rmeinl
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/ricomeinl
Chess.com and Lichess: @rmeinl