Rico Meinl

I'm interested in biotech, longevity, machine learning and the decentralized web


Fooled by Randomness

Black Swan

Skin in the Game

Ted Chiang - Stories of Your Life and others

Philipp Pullman - The Golden Compass

Zero to One


NAND2Tetris - building a computer all the way up from NAND gates. Hands down one of the best tutorials to understand how computers work and trumps a lot of what university teaches you in CS classes

Crypto Zombies - easy and fun intro to Ethereum, Solidity and Smart Contracts

Programming Bitcoin

The Little Schemer

The Reasoned Schemer

Rust and WebAssembly (building the Game of Life)


Introduction to Biology - The Secret of Life

Andrew Ng - Machine Learning

Probabilistic Graphical Models


Crony Beliefs

PG - The Lesson to unlearn

PG - Relentlessly Resourceful

Systems design explains the world

Worse is better

Things you should never do (rewrite code from scratch)


Episodes I listened to

Eric Weinstein - The Portal (Episodes with Balaji, Peter Thiel)

Lex Fridman Podcast (Episodes with Brendan Eich, Eric Weinstein)

Hidden Forces (Episode with Balaji)